Heat Treatment

Thermotech specializes in the best quality equipment and services within heat treatment of pipes and constructions.

On Site Machining

With our portable machines we can offer solutions to a great variety of machining tasks on-location.

Bolt torque & tensioning

Thermotech offers a complete line of pneumatic and hydraulic bolt torque and tensioning tools.

Leak Sealing

Our technology can stop fluid- and gas leaks like steam, water, hydrocarbons, acids and chemicals.

About Thermotech

Thermotech deliver leading quality tools for on-site machining, bolt tensioning, leak sealing and heat treatment. Through successful project management and client satisfaction, we have gained the reputation for excellence that our customers have come to expect and depend upon, under the most varied and critical conditions.

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Thermotech have almost 30 years experience and are proud to have built relations with some of the world leaders in the Oil & Gas industry. Below is a brief overview of our references.

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