Diamond Wire Saws & Accessories

Thermotech carries saws and accessories for diamond wire cutting.

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Diamond Wire Saw CSA 100: The wire storage compartments of the automatic wire saws have been designed as a light aluminum construction and despite the low weight a high resilience is achieved. The connections for the feed are equipped with quick couplings. A high-solid, durable hydraulic cylinder in the interior keeps a constant tenseness of the wire and retracts the free wire as per requirement. Drive can easily be converted from hydraulic to electric by changing the drive panel (CSA-1001)


Diamond Wire Saw Csa 100

Diamond Wire Saw CSA 1001: The wire storage rolls made of aluminum are equipped with a rubber bandage for the wire guidance. In case of wear the bandage can be replaced without any problems thus the costs for storage rolls are considerably reduced.


Diamond Wire Saw CSA 1001


Circular Saw CAS 3200: A core drilling of 120 mm in diameter is created in the centre of the circle to be cut. This hole serves to mount the circular saw and to guide the diamond wire on the opposite side. Wire guide pulleys lead the wire to the cut. A hydraulic motor drives the endlessly looped diamond wire. Driven hydraulically, the circular saw revolves around the central point and a circular opening is being cut. The cutting range is between Ø 0,50 to 3,20 meter.


Circle Saw CAS 3200

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