IF300 Furnace

IF300 has a fan-system that forces the air through the unit and circulates the air for an even temperature. The temperature is controlled by a digital regulator. A slat is mounted in the ceiling so a ventilation system can easily be hooked up to the furnace. IF300 can be delivered in three different sizes, and simple changes to the design can be requested separately.

Technical Spesifications IF300:
Voltage: 3N ~ 400V / 50Hz
Effect: 6,75 kW / 9,8A
Max. temperature: 300 °C

Artickle Nbr.:          Width:               Heigth:               Debth: 

IF300 S                    625mm              625mm                650mm

IF300 M                   725mm              825mm                650mm

IF300 L                    800mm              000mm                 650mm

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