Miller ProHeat 35

Proheat 35 is an energy effective induction system. The highly effective energy transfer to the part reduces the heating time, and in consequence the energy cost. It is an easy operated system, which saves time in both the set up and in operating.

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With the ProHeat 35, Miller have established a market leading position. Using induction for preheat and annealing is the most cost saving method in today´s market. Thermotech rents and sells Miller ProHeat 35, which comes with either air og liquid cooling. The air cooled induction heating system is specifically designed for preheating applications up to 200˚C. The liquid cooled induction heating system is designed for preheating, hydrogen bake-out and stress relieving applications up to 790˚C. Technical specifications here: ProHeat35

ProHeat Air System


Air cooled blankets are available for pipe diameters from 20-152 cm or in the case of plates, the lengths are 1-5,2 meters.


ProHeat Liq-1 SysProHeat Liq-2 Sys


Liquid cooled preheat and stress relieving system

ProHeat 35-Liquid wGear

Heavy duty induction cooler

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