Internally Mounted Flange Facers

Our internally mounted flange facers are directly mounted on the flange, to enable efficient machining on a wide variety of applications.


Thermotech FF 2-24i

Technical specification for Thermotech FF 2-24i internally mounted:
Facing diameter: 50 mm – 610 mm
Clamping diameter: 50 mm – 508 mm


Thermotech FF 6-30i

Technical specifications for Thermotech FF 6-30i internally mounted:
Face diameter: 153 mm – 762 mm
Clamping diameter: 153 mm – 711 mm


Thermotech FF 14-45i

Technical specification for Thermotech FF 14-45i internally mounting:
Facing diameter: 356 mm -1143 mm
Clamping diameter: 356 mm -1143 mm

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