Premolded clamps

These clamps can be operated without training. You do not need Thermotech`s trained operator to stop the leak with this product, either you use Colmex clamps or other premolded clamps.

With the premolded clamps the leak is stopped just på compressing the premolded compound over the pipe. Premolded boxes are permanently available from stock; for elbows 90° 3D up to 8″ and for straight pipes up to 10″. Other sizes are made upon request with quick deadlines.

Colmex clamps are for use on straight pipes or T-pipes. A Cylindrical shell in two halves, internally coated.
From 1/2″ x 60 mm and 20 bars up to 8″ x 100 mm up to 12 bars. There are several more oprtions depending on the choice of coating.

IMG_2999 Colmex



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